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704 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216

About Us

Here we are: Two and a half ladies joining forces to bring the “Dulce Vida” to Brooklyn! Just three years ago, Zaida and her husband Vik moved to Bed-Stuy with their newborn daughter. As she grew, so did her desire to get ice ceam from the ice cream truck every day it passed our house. In addition, we trecked all across Brooklyn for toddler enrichment classes and always wished there were more options in Bed-Stuy. Finally, my mom pulled the trigger and swapped coasts to be closer to her bestie grand daughter which allowed us to get the ball rolling and get more ice cream in Bed Stuy! And so it began…

Meet Anjalise “Vida”
Our sweet angel Anjalise is responsible for much of the inspiration behind Vida’s Brooklyn. We selected middle name, “Vida,” and thus the name of the shop because she discovered a cancerous tumor growing in her mom while pregnant, giving her mom “life.”

We are so blessed to have her smiles, sass, and carefree spirit with us every second of the day. Anjalise LOVES ice cream! She could eat it five times a day if we allowed her to. She is creative, loves to paint, cook, and dress-up. She can’t wait to meet all of you (especially the 3ft and under crew) in our new space!
Favorite Flavor: Strawberry or anything with sprinkles!


Meet Lucy (aka “Lita”)
Recently relocated from San Diego to Brooklyn to be closer to her beloved Anjalise, Lucy also raised two beautiful, successful and determined daughters, one in SD owning her own business and Zaida who lives here in Bed-Stuy, who is now her partner at Vida’s!
Lucy retired from a plentiful 33 year long career as a preschool director and is thrilled to move on to this new chapter at Vida’s sharing her love of children, her Mexican heritage, and her love of ice cream with the community.
Favorite Flavor: Cucumber with Chile or anything spicy!

Meet Zaida
Zaida is a proud mom, daughter, and wife. She’s a Californian at heart, but has no plans to leave Brooklyn, unless its it travel the world with her family, ideally without an itinerary! It’s no surprise that Zaida has a passion for ice cream and healthy “sweets” that don’t make too much of a dent in her yoga or barre workouts. She built a career in the world of accessories, having launched several young brands in North America over the years and brings her expertise to Vida’s retail corner. Stop on by or check out the globally inspired, sweet flare in the shop!
Favorite Flavor: Lemon or Vanilla and anything Vegan!

Meet Bocce (Honorable Mention)
We are thrilled to offer Cool Treats for Dogs at Vida’s so it goes without saying that we should intorduce you to our mascot. Bocce is a cuddle-bug, so friendly,

and adores children of all ages. He is Anjlalise’s best bud and is patient as can be. Keep your eyes peeled for Bocce’s IG features!